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November 13, 2017
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January 24, 2018

China’s Bigger Role in Globalization

Steve Howard, Secretary General of the Global Foundation, was interviewed by China Today, a monthly, China- based, English-language publication. The interview was published on 4 January 2018. By staff reporter ZHANG HUI

I am a global citizen. I represent a world view,” Steve Howard, secretary general of the Australia-based Global Foundation, said in a speech delivered at the international think tank symposium on November 16, themed, “The 19th CPC National Congress: Implications for China and the World.” The Global Foundation, a non-profit organization, advocates “cooperative globalization” with projects involved in such aspects as achieving global food security, investing to address climate change, building Asia’s green infrastructure, and working with China as it goes global.

Howard said that Xi Jinping’s opening address at the 19th CPC National Congress resonated with his remarks, “This is an era that will see China move closer to the center of the world and make more contributions to humankind.” Howard thought the concept that his organization advocates aligns with China’s principles, thoughts, and strategies on globalization. On the sidelines of the symposium, Steve Howard gave an exclusive interview to China Today, sharing his views on China’s role in the world, the Belt and Road Initiative, and China-Australia relations.

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