Together, we strive for the global common good.

Who we are

The Global Foundation is a not-for-profit and non-partisan international member organisation supported by influential people around the world. Originating in Australia, the Global Foundation has become a trusted global network organisation, enabling a relatively small but growing group of prominent citizens from many walks of life and many parts of the world to align and work together to foster dialogue, seek consensus, and strive towards the global common good.
As an independent organisation, we are sustained solely by private sponsorships and philanthropic contributions from our members, who extend from individuals to corporations and universities.
The Global Foundation is led by Secretary General, Steve Howard, and guided by a Global Advisory Council. Our small secretariat is based in Australia.

What we do

The Foundation convenes global dialogue in various formats, from high-level roundtables to more intimate sessions around specific issues. Our cumulative discussions focus on securing agreement and pathways to enduring solutions to pressing global challenges such as climate change, geopolitical fracturing, and economic inequality. Foundation programs have taken place around the world.


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