UN Endorses ‘Shaping Global Governance, Climate and Nature’ project, 29th February 2024

The Global Foundation launched its ‘Shaping agreement on global governance, climate and nature project on 29 February during Part Two of the ‘State of the World’ roundtable which featured UN Deputy Secretary-General, Ms Amina Mohammed and highlighted the urgent need for reform to the existing systems of global governance.

Led by Chairs Ms. Sharan Burrow AC and Dr. Mark Cutifani CBE, the Project’s Steering Committee includes a diverse group of global leaders and actors who are committed to mobilising international action and cooperation for substantial reform in global governance systems.

Underpinned by five core pillars—facts, social equity, resources, hope, and trust –  the project will cultivate a collaborative global approach. Aiming to ensure that the initiative not only addresses the immediate challenges of climate and nature but also builds a resilient, equitable framework for future generations.

Below you will find the full recording of the roundtable together with slides that capture our strategic approach. Together with a message of support from China, delivered by Dr Mabel Miao of the Center for China and Globalization and Member of the Steering Committee and the speech by Dr Mark Cutifani CBE, emphasising the importance of conversations about the mining industry’s role in society and stressing the need for understanding and support in achieving sustainable outcomes.

Further information regarding the project and how individuals and organisations can be involved will be shared shortly.

‘State of the World’ Roundtable recording

The project explained in four slides

These slides offer an overview of the project’s strategic approach and capture our objective to facilitate sustainable global collaboration and innovation.

  • Slide 1 maps out the Foundation’s extensive journey of climate advocacy across the globe, emphasising our long-term commitment to environmental stewardship.
  • Slide 2 highlights the project’s target of reshaping of global governance, focusing on the critical overlap between finance, climate and nature, and acknowledges the challenges of the global energy transition and the need for global collaborative efforts.
  • Slide 3 introduces the steering committee, a diverse group of influential leaders united to shape forward agreements on global governance, climate, and nature.
  • Slide 4 details our program agenda for 2024 and beyond, setting the stage for impactful global programs aimed at fostering dialogue and action from Beijing to Brazil.

Future of Commodities in Volatile Markets

Industry Transition for Future Commodities Catalysing New Conversations around Mining and Society

Please see here for the speech by Dr Mark Cutifani CBE, Chair of the Global Advisory Council, Chair of the Steering Committee on Global Governance, Climate and Nature, the Global Foundation; Chair and Acting CEO, Vale Base Metals.

A message of support from China

A message of support from China, delivered by Dr Mabel Miao of the Center for China and Globalization

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