‘Earth without borders’ – Pope Francis speaks to the leaders of Pacific Islands Forum

Following on from the Global Foundation’s Rome Roundtable of January 2017, and the Foundation’s announcement that the meeting would take place, Pope Francis met at the Vatican on 11 November 2017 with leaders from the Pacific Islands, who were on their way to Bonn, Germany for the global COP climate talks, led this year by Fiji.

Pope Francis evoked the vision of an “earth without borders” that calls for the need for a global outlook, international cooperation and solidarity, and a shared strategy, to address environmental problems. A report of Pope Francis’ remarks may be found here

The Global Foundation intends to review progress on Pacific Islands cooperation and on global climate change action as an integral part of its next Rome Roundtable, likely to be held in June, 2018.

The Foundation is also working with leaders of the Pacific and with global and regional investors and institutions, to encourage practical action in the Pacific on matters such as energy transformation and sustainable fisheries.

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