The Global Foundation Annual Meeting, Melbourne, 2 October 2018

Some highlights of our past year

Our central organising principle, of ‘Co-operative Globalisation’, was further endorsed and adopted at global level, and drives our programs and affiliated program themes.

Key Partner, KWM, hosted our 20th Anniversary dinner in Sydney on 24 July, with Hon John Howard and distinguished panel as our guest speakers.

110 members and guests participated in Sydney and Melbourne Roundtable dinners with RBA Governor, Dr Philip Lowe, in January and May 2018.

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We convened our inaugural Pacific Islands Roundtable in Suva, Fiji, in March 2018, focussing on climate action and featuring the Archbishop of Canterbury, Acting PM of Fiji and investors.

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Our 3rd Rome Roundtable meeting was convened at the Vatican in June 2018, with 60 global participants reporting progress on co-operative globalisation against key themes:

  • A ‘dialogue of civilisations’ between East and West was launched, building upon our Sydney Roundtable of August 2017 with Pascal Lamy and Chinese representatives.
  • Progress on Vatican-China co-operation against organ trafficking was lauded.
  • The World Benchmarking Alliance, first suggested at our 2017 Rome meeting, was pre-launched (and was since formally launched at the United Nations).
  • Our focus on improved global governance was taken up at global scale by the Paris Peace Forum.
  • Global investor action on climate was elevated through new blended financing models, first promoted at our Kuala Lumpur Roundtable in October 2017.

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China Relations

  • We convened a major China Roundtable in March 2018 and made submissions to the Australian Government and Opposition and to the Chinese Government, about re-setting the relationship.
  • We hosted the Chinese Ambassador on these lines at lunch in Sydney in August 2018 and followed up with a working discussion on the US-China trade ‘war, in Sydney, in September.

The Foundation warmly welcomes Anglo American, Aviva and University of NSW as new members in 2018.
Thanks to all our members for your generous support!


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