Concept paper – the Party and the World Dialogue 2016

Foundation Secretary, General Steve Howard will attend and address a Dialogue on Global Economic Governance, entitled the Party and the World Dialogue 2016, to be held in Chongqing China from 13-15 October.

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In an era when human-beings are increasingly bonded in a community of shared destiny and interests, the building and reform of the global economic governance system involves interests of all economies in the world and welfare of the entire population, and has become an ever pressing task jointly shouldered by various organizations across countries and regions, in the process of which, the voice of every person must be heard and the wisdom of each side is needed. The 2016 G20 Hangzhou Summit focused on burning issues confronting the world economy, promoted G20’s transformation from short-term policy to mid-and-long-term policy, and transformation from a mechanism featuring crisis management to one stressing long-term effect of governance, has provide guidance for the direction of world economic growth and international economic cooperation and achieved ample fruits as an important step forward in the process of global economic governance. Looking ahead, however, we still have enormous responsibilities to shoulder.

As basic organizations in the political life of most countries in the world, political parties represent the interests and pursuits of different groups, influence domestic and foreign policies of different countries, and shoulder the hefty responsibility of the common destiny of humankind. Facing the unstoppable momentum of economic globalization and urgent demands in global economic governance, political parties shall transcend from political limitations in specific aspects and in regional cooperation, and raise creative concepts and proposals on global economic governance with an attitude of being responsible for the common interests and destiny of humanity. Moreover, political parties need to work jointly with think-tanks, the media and NGOs to carry out extensive dialogues and exchanges, solicit people’s views and pool consensus, so as to guide politically in the reform of global economic governance. In addition, political parties should take actions and make concrete contribution to pushing forward effective cooperation between governments, as well as promoting the establishment of a just, rational and efficient system in global economic governance.

The Communist Party of China, as the governing party of China and a member of the family of political parties in the world, hopes to express expectations of the 1.3 billion Chinese people on global economic development, and their aspiration towards the building and reform of the governance system of the global economy. The CPC stands ready to join hands with political parties around the world to work out strategies, face common challenges, share experience and pool wisdom for a peaceful, safe, stable and prosperous life enjoyed by people of all countries. Hence, themed with “Innovation in Global Economic Governance: Proposals and Actions of Political Parties”, the “Party and the World Dialogue 2016” sincerely invites leaders of political parties, statesmen, scholars of think-tanks and business representatives of G20 countries among others to participate in this event. Circling around innovation in concepts, mechanisms and practice of global economic governance, we hope that wisdom in different areas could be integrated and strengths of different kinds could be added up as commitment of political parties to pushing forward global economic order in a more just and reasonable direction.

The Dialogue will be held in Chongqing, China from October 13th to 15th 2016 by the International Department of the CPC Central Committee. Meanwhile, high-level officials of the Communist Party of China, renowned experts and scholars, and entrepreneurs will also attend the event to carry out exchanges with participants. Moreover, the host will facilitate field visits in Chongqing in order to enable participants to observe at first hand the practice and results of innovative measures taken in China’s economic governance.

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