Australia gains, Asia too, as Patrick White goes \’home\’, to China.

The success of the Foundation\’s global and regional strategies is highlighted at a major event in Sydney

One of China\’s leading internationalists, who has enjoyed a long association with the Global Foundation, was honoured in Sydney on 3 April, at a reception and dinner for 50 eminent guests, hosted by Key Partner of the Global Foundation, law firm King + Wood Mallesons (KWM).


Mr Jin Liqun is President of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the AIIB, the recently established multilateral institution that invests in priority economic infrastructure across Asia and, potentially, the world.

The Global Foundation was the first international organisation to support China\’s leadership in establishing the AIIB, when first announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping, in October 2013. Mr Jin Liqun subsequently led the preparatory team to establish the AIIB as the newest global, multilateral entity and was elected in 2015 as its inaugural President.

Headquartered in Beijing, the AIIB now has 70 nations as current or accession members and recently completed its first full year of operations, committing more than $2 billion to support infrastructure development projects across Asia.


Patrick White goes to China

Chairman of the Foundation, Mr Jock Murray, presented Mr Jin with a first edition (1955) of the book, \’The Tree of Man\’, written by Australia\’s most famous Nobel-prize winning novelist, Patrick White.

Mr Jin translated White\’s book into Chinese when he was a student at university in Beijing in the 1970\’s and continues to highly regard his connection with Australia through his memory of The Tree of Man.

A Citation was read and presented to Mr Jin at the ceremony by Steve Howard, Secretary General of the Foundation, who is also one of 12 International Advisors to the AIIB.

The Global Foundation learned of Mr Jin\’s literary background and his assocIation with the landmark White novel, when it hosted Mr Jin on his previous visit to Australia, as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of CIC, China\’s sovereign wealth fund, in 2011. This, in turn, led onto an ongoing association in the formation and evolution of the AIIB, and has strengthened in recent times, such that Mr Howard is now closely involved with advice to the AIIB and the Global Foundation is benefitting from these connections.


A highlight moment for the twin strategies of the Global Foundation – Integrating AustralAsia, and Cooperative Globalisation

The Global Foundation, from its Australian roots, reaches out regionally and globally, on one hand, promoting long-range actions that will better bind Australia and Asia through improved supply chains and skills deployment, and, on the other hand, at global level, promoting new forms of international collaboration, such that continuing globalisation will be possible, on a redefined and more inclusive basis.

The AIIB is a major expression of both these strategies, helping to improve the lives of billions of people in Asia, through empowering economic opportunity, and also reflecting this new form of cooperative globalisation, one which is outward-looking and engaging, across national borders.

Media coverage of the Global Foundation hosting of President Jin Liqun in Sydney

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To learn more about the AIIB and its operations, including its upcoming Annual Meeting to be held in Korea in June 2017, please visit its website, here.
See here and here for further insights about the cooperative globalisation strategy of the Global Foundation and how the AIIB is a great expression of this new model.

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