‘Which way for the world after the pandemic? Our inclusive human future’

The Global Foundation conducted its most important global meeting of the year, the 2020 Rome Roundtable, on 16 & 17 November.

75 invited participants from diverse backgrounds, from business, faiths, academia and civil society, drawn together from all continents, met virtually by Zoom in Rome, where they addressed the topic: ‘Which way for the world after the pandemic? Our inclusive human future.’

Discussions were conducted according to the Chatham House rule, although some keynote addresses are available to view online.

Building upon its previous global meetings held in London and Paris in 2019, and in Rome and elsewhere previously, the Rome Roundtable discussed pathways for solidarity and recovery from Covid, sharing a vision for a world that is united in pursuit of co-operative globalisation, one that is transformative, fair, inclusive and prosperous.

All agreed that returning to the ‘old normal’ will not be sufficient; rather, that this a moment in history to make a transformative, positive step-change in our world and that this is best achieved by collaboration, across all divides.

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