What a way to start the 2017 year!

There can be no greater affirmation for the work we are doing – than to receive personal endorsement from Pope Francis for the “Co-operative Globalisation” agenda of The Global Foundation.

It happened this past weekend, and will give immense encouragement and momentum to our worldwide network of concerned citizen-leaders in areas of commerce, industry, law, policy and intellectual endeavour, who seek to enable people from many walks of life to meet and work together in addressing the principal challenges of this moment in history.

Click here, for a report by Vatican Radio, about the Rome Roundtable 2017. Pope Francis called on participants to put people at the centre of the economy, and to \”draw constant inspiration from the Church\’s social teaching\” as we continue our efforts to promote a cooperative globalisation.

Click here, to read the full address by Pope Francis, delivered to The Global Foundation audience.

At The Global Foundation, we seek to be a crossroads of global ethical society. For the 80 participants who met at the second “Rome Roundtable” which has convened on this weekend of January 13/14, we depart Rome for the four corners of the world, with much work to do.

With thanks to The Australian newspaper – and Tess Livingstone – for the story and editorial coverage on Monday 17 January. View the full Story here and the Editorial here.

We all are inspired by a firm belief that we will be much more effective if we are faith-enabled and if we work together rather than apart.

We departed with a keen focus to deliver measurable actions in the realms of forced labour, women’s empowerment, climate change, among other key ambitions.

More to come, from The Global Foundation in the coming days and weeks.

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