‘Cooperative globalisation’ requires further action on global climate change

Fresh calls from the global investor community for stronger intergovernmental action

More than 200 global investors, with $15 trillion of assets under management, have together released a fresh call for action by governments, at the upcoming G7 and the G20 Summits, that will enable and encourage the global investor community to invest to address climate change.

Led by the CEO of Melbourne-based Catholic Super, Frank Pegan, the Global Investor Coalition on Climate Change statement makes it very clear that the private sector can and will play its part in investing against global climate change, however, to do so, it needs clearer signals from governments, working in concert, to make this effective and sustainable.

These calls for action form a pivotal element of the Global Foundation’s push for ‘Cooperative Globalisation’ and the investor coalition was able to win support for its goals at the Rome Roundtable meeting, held in January 2017 that was endorsed by Pope Francis at the Vatican.

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