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The Global Foundation is a not-for-profit, membership organisation, open to all and intentionally diverse in its supporter base. It relies entirely on its member and sponsor contributions, that come from many companies, universities, institutions, philanthropic and individual sources.

It is fully independent from governments and yet works closely with governments of the day and international institutions and organisations, in a non-partisan manner.

Registered in Australia as a non-profit company limited by guarantee, it is accredited as a Deductable Gift Recipient by the Australian Taxation Office, meaning all donations and gifts are fully tax deductible.

Key Partnerships

The top level of support for the Foundation comes from Key Partners.

Key Partners contribute to the full range of the Foundation’s activities and enjoy a customised program of engagement and benefits, including an invitation to co-design the foundation’s Program Strategy.

This is in addition to the benefits associated with the Corporate Member category, and is exclusive to Key Partners.

The Secretary General works directly with Key Partners to create a bespoke program which meets the mutual needs of Key Partners and the Foundation.

Corporate and University Membership

Corporate membership is available for companies, and University membership for educational institutions.

Corporate and University members sustain the work of The Global Foundation and are able to participate either through the principal member or through his/her nominee in all programs of the Foundation.

There are also opportunities for these members to co-host programs with us, engaging clients and others of importance.

In the international arena, our Corporate and University members enjoy access to our operations, including our international programs and missions, and our significant network of affiliate institutions and organisations.

We work strategically with our members to maximise opportunities for involvement.

Associate Membership

Associate membership is available for like-minded, not for profit organisations.

Individual membership

We also offer Individual membership for individuals, reflecting the openness of the Foundation to participation by all.

Individual membership is open to individuals who wish to be included in the Foundation’s family, to support our work and to be kept updated on our activities, with participation from time to time in Foundation programs.


The Foundation relies upon its member network for regular feedback about its programs and other activities.
If you’d like to consider joining the Foundation and providing us with feedback, please contact us.