Rejecting the ‘globalisation of indifference’ and embracing and ensuring ‘cooperative globalisation’ – the Rome Roundtable aims higher and reports and promises action

Inspired by the Foundation’s motto – ‘Together We Strive for the Global Common Good’ – you have gathered to discern just ways of attaining a globalization that is ‘cooperative’, and thus positive, as opposed to the globalization of indifference.  You seek to ensure that the global community, shaped by the institutions, agencies and representatives of civil society, can effectively achieve international goals and obligations that have been solemnly declared and assumed, such as those of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Sustainable Development Goals’.

‘…I encourage you to draw constant inspiration from the Church’s social teaching as you continue your efforts to promote a cooperative globalization, working with civil society, governments, international bodies, academic and scientific communities, and all other interested parties.  I offer you my cordial good wishes for every success in your endeavours’.

Extracts from the address of Pope Francis to the Rome Roundtable of the Global Foundation, 14 January 2017

The Rome Roundtable was held on 13 & 14 January, 2017.

The background to the meeting, convened against the backdrop of current trends, of discontinuity and rupture in some political and economic systems across the world, may be found here.

The Program, Participants and their Bios and their Preparatory documents for the meeting, may be found below.

The address to the Roundtable dinner on Friday 13 January by H.E. Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State to His Holiness the Pope, may be found here.

The address to Pope Francis, at the Vatican on Saturday 14 January, by Steve Howard, Secretary General of the Global Foundation and Convenor of the Roundtable, speaking on behalf of Roundtable participants and for the overall and specific commitments that they had made, may be found here.

The address of Pope Francis, at the Vatican on Saturday 14 January, to the Roundtable participants and his endorsement of the work of the Foundation and the concept of ‘cooperative globalisation’, on Saturday 14 January, may be found here.

Media and other reports from the Rome Roundtable may be found here.

Photos from the Rome Roundtable may be found here.