What do we mean by “Cooperative Globalisation”?

  • The Foundation believes in a world that is interconnected; where borders to international co-operations are removed or lessened. It opposes the current fracturing apparent in the global system today and works for and encourages win-win solutions.
  • We do not endorse unfettered or laisse-faire globalisation; rather, we believe that to achieve our goal for the global common good, we must have a form of globalisation that is transformative, fair, inclusive and prosperous.
  • This defines our model of ‘Cooperative Globalisation’. One that is enjoying increasing endorsement and support from many world leaders.
  • The Foundation strongly endorses leadership from enlightened business, in partnerships within the community, in the process of transforming to a better world.

Promoting more Effective Global Governance

  • The Foundation stands for more effective global governance that currently exists.
  • It is working to encourage better integration between East and West and promotes an ongoing ‘dialogue between civilisations’ to achieve this aim.
  • Many important institutions and other agencies are striving, often together, to strengthen global governance.
  • The Paris Peace Forum is a major and relatively new global governance reform organisation and is closely aligned with the work of the Global Foundation.

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Measuring Progress & Accountability

  • Achieving the global common good requires measurable progress on the journey
  • Alongside high level aspirations, the Foundation champions measurable indices that demonstrate and communicate progress on key issues, such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • The World Benchmarking Alliance, (WBA), recently formed in conjunction with the global Roundtable series of the Foundation is a new organisation that is measuring and publishing the sustainability performance of major companies.

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Building Sustainable Communities around Mining

  • “Business with purpose” has become increasingly evident for win-win success in the 21st century, with many creative partnerships emerging between enlightened business leaders and the communities in which they operate.
  • These efforts are often further accelerated by being faith-enabled, such as in mining areas of South Africa.
  • At the same time, innovative national programs such as “Blueprint for Business” in the UK, are now going global.

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Investing to Address Climate Change

  • Since 2008, the Foundation has played an active role, globally, in encouraging action by governments and investment by both public and private sectors to address climate change.
  • High level Roundtable meetings on the topic were convened in Beijing and Washington in 2008 and the Foundation worked closely with China’s top policy makers on climate action for several years.
  • More recently, the Foundation has been at the forefront of efforts to encourage global climate investment through its global allies and specifically in its remarkable meetings in the Pacific Islands and Rome.

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Achieving Global Food Security

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Empowering Women Economically

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Eradicating Human Trafficking & Forced Labour

  • Global faith leaders have drawn community attention to the evil of human trafficking, slavery and forced labour in global supply chains.
  • Enlightened business, responding to the communities in which they serve, have taken up the course of removing forced labour from their supply chains, a critical and measurable task.

Click here to learn more about the work of one of our affiliates, the Consumer Goods Forum, in its efforts to eradicate forced labour.

Working with China as it goes Global

  • Since its formation, the Foundation has worked closely with top level Chinese officials and organisations and with many international actors, to encourage the process of China going global and integrating into the changing global system.
  • The Foundation was one of the first to support China’s establishment of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) and continues to promote East-West co-operation through its ongoing exchanges and its “dialogue between civilisations” at its global Roundtable meetings

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Building Asia’s Green Infrastructure

  • Asia has a huge infrastructure deficit and lacks many of the vehicles to unlock private as well as public investment.
  • The Foundation was a founding contributor to the AIIB, whose motto is “lean, clean and green”!
  • Also, the Foundation and its members and associates strive to find practical pathways to unlock green infrastructure investment in Asia and the Pacific at scale, building upon its deep history in facilitating Australian infrastructure investment.

Click here to learn more about the work of the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank in investing in Asia’s green infrastructure.

Integrating Australasia & Oceania

  • Oceania, the Pacific Islands states are in Australia’s neighbourhood.
  • The Foundation has been active in Oceania, engaging Pacific and world leaders on issues such as climate change and is enabling Pacific leaders to have a voice on the world stage.

Click here to learn more about the Foundation’s work with the Pacific Islands, including the Roundtable in Fiji with the Archbishop of Canterbury and other facilitation of Pacific Islands leaders’ meeting with Pope Francis.

Realising Australia’s Potential

  • Originating in Australia, the Foundation wishes to encourage the nation to fulfil its considerable potential.
  • Alongside its global Roundtable series, the Foundation convenes a series of Australian Roundtable meetings and smaller events hosting global and national figures, where it facilitates stronger vision and national purpose.

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