President of China’s largest food company endorses Foundation’s Asian Food Partnership

The Foundation’s strategy to link Australia and Asia for future food security – the Asian Food Partnership – has been strongly endorsed by Mr Patrick Yu, the President and CEO of China’s largest food company, COFCO.

For more than 10 years, the Foundation has been the leading contributor to the development of an Australian national food plan, to better organise efforts for Australia to become a global food superpower.

Integrating AustralAsia – ‘The Asian Food Partnership’

In the past decade, the Foundation has brought together business, government and farming communities, in an effort to build momentum for Australia to become a global food superpower. At the same time, the Foundation has contributed to the global debate on food security, believing that it would be possible to feed this generation and those in the future, through better partnerships between all sectors of society.

In 2014, the Foundation turned its attention on global food security towards Asia’s food needs and, in particular, to those of China.

In 2015, building on its long-standing reputation in China, the Foundation signed a co-operation MOU with China’s largest food company, COFCO, serving as a practical example of what is achievable through co-operation, in trade and investment.

Since that time, the Foundation has mounted successive missions to China, to meet with COFCO’s senior staff and to visit its research and retail facilities, involving its members and growing the partnership. In turn, COFCO executives have increased their engagement with Australia and a number of partnership activities continue to emerge.