The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) – “A model of ‘Co-operative’ Globalisation”

Steve Howard interview on ABC Radio National Breakfast, 28 June 2016

Following his recent appointment as an International Advisor to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Steve Howard was interviewed by Sheryle Bagwell, Business Editor, on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Radio National Breakfast program. Listen to the interview here

The AIIB ( is a China-led, multilateral financial institution, launched by the President of China, Xi Jinping, in June 2015, with 57 nations as founding members. Based in Beijing, the Bank has a market capitalisation of US$100 billion.

The mandate of the Bank is to finance or co-finance Asia’s infrastructure needs, including partnerships with governments and the private sector, to stimulate and support economic growth and prosperity throughout Asia.

The Global Foundation has been centrally involved with the Bank’s evolution and establishment. On 8 May 2016, Steve Howard, was appointed as an International Adviser to the AIIB. Steve was the first to be appointed, and the only Australian.