AIIB – Steve Howard appointment as International Adviser

Steve Howard appointed to Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Global governance and infrastructure expert, Steve Howard, has been appointed as an International Adviser to the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

Howard is the first to be appointed, and the only Australian. The other Advisers are yet to be announced.

The AIIB ( is an initiative of the Chinese Government and was launched by the President of China, Xi Jinping, in June last year, with 57 nations as founding members. Based in Beijing, the Bank is a multi-lateral financing institution, with a market capitalisation of US$100 billion. The mandate of the Bank is to finance or co-finance Asia’s infrastructure needs, including partnerships with governments and the private sector, to stimulate and support economic growth and prosperity throughout Asia. Howard has been appointed by the inaugural President of the AIIB, Mr Jin Liqun, effective immediately. The first advisory meeting is expected to be held in Beijing in September.

Steve Howard has 30 years of experience, working in Australia and across the globe on a variety of projects to improve governance and private-public collaboration for infrastructure development policy and projects. For the past 20 years, he has advised senior levels of the Chinese Government and related institutions, alongside his many other global activities.

He has unmatched experience working in China to support the Middle Kingdom’s emergence as a global power. He advised the Chinese Government on the AIIB’s establishment, encouraging new standards of international governance best practice, since the ambition was first announced by the Chinese President in October 2013.

“This is the first time that China has taken such a leadership role in the global economic order,” said Mr Howard. “It’s an historic moment and I am very proud to have been actively involved in the Bank’s conception and implementation.”

Steve Howard led the renowned revitalisation strategy for Melbourne, in the late 80’s and early 90’s, as the inaugural Director of the Committee for Melbourne. He brought together the private sector and government to design national policy and then fund and implement public-private partnerships (PPP’s) across Australia.

This is widely recognised as setting the stage for the national and global infrastructure investment roles played by Australia’s superannuation funds in subsequent years. Examples include private toll roads, airport privatisations and national rail infrastructure upgrades.

Howard has advised global private sector clients on complex development projects in Asia, most notably the Nam Theun 2 Hydro project, which became a gold standard for the World Bank. Today, the hydro-electric power generated by Nam Theun, and sold to Thailand, is the biggest export earner for Laos.

Howard is the founding Secretary General of The Global Foundation, the Australian-based, high-level, civic and private sector organisation ( launched in 1998.

Since then, the Foundation has worked nationally and globally to assist governments, international institutions, companies and communities, on matters of ethical governance, infrastructure development, food security and peaceful international integration.

Most recently, Howard convened and chaired a global Roundtable meeting of 50 world leaders in Rome, including Madam Christine Lagarde, MD of the International Monetary Fund, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State at the Vatican and Baroness Patricia Scotland, Secretary General of the Commonwealth.

The Rome Roundtable unanimously agreed that all attendees – from global business, institutions, faiths and communities – would work together more closely to mobilise the global economy on a more confident, and inclusive path.